Cleft Solutions is an outsourced product development company. Cleft-Solutions brings off shoring to your doorstep. Our competencies lie in setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced product development, web development, mobile development and software maintenance.

Our job is to speed up your pace, support your team with our application development experts and help you hit your milestones and get the job done. From start up strategy to rock solid development, we're with you from start to finish.

We bring success to our partners, continuously contribute towards their goals and values and deliver results through innovation.

We simply love technology and so every day for the past 7 years we are living our dream. Learn More About Us

Our services range includes setting up dedicated offshore software development teams for outsourced product development, web development, mobile development, and software maintenance to providing infrastructure and hosting management for your businesses. Using our proven Project Management and mature development methodology we help emerging software leaders bring superior products to market.

  • Custom Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Data and Site Optimisation
  • E-Commerce
  • Consulting Services
  • Infrastructure and Hosting


Our products range includes various software’s which is made and thoroughly tested keeping the requirements of different customers. Our software’s are flexible enough to be adapted by all the customers and it is easy to use and configure on their existing or new system. It can be integrated in many aspects and has been developed keeping in mind that it can communicate with third party software’s.

  • School Management Software
  • Employee Management Software
  • Project Management Software
  • Billing Software
  • Ticketing Software
  • Customized Software


We are in partnership with many premium organizations where a consistent give and take happens. We are not just focused on delivering the project, but we deliver in the best way we can. This is possible by the collaboration we have with our different organization from long term.

We bring our partners to explore more option and creativity for our client. Our clients need not to move over other vendors or organization as we provide all the flavors of work with different styles and hence everything is available under one roof that is “Cleft Solutions”.

We built the first e-commerce site in India, making it easy to shop for anything from the Alpha to the Omega.

We are specialists in the Finance, Travel, Shopping, Tax & Legal sectors and have clients in those fields.

Our clients know us for our Standard Processes & Code Review Systems.

We excel in the Mobile Gaming Arena, and have helped our clients build brand strategy and have offered creative services in these areas.

“The Cleft-Solutions team has been writing our code for several years. I find the team to be very knowledgeable and responsive. In addition, they are very thoughtful and diligent when it comes to releasing error free code. There have been many occasions when they are working well into the night or over the weekend to our releases pushed live.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Cleft-Solutions who listened to what we wanted and provided excellent results. We cannot thank you enough for the dedication and professionalism displayed by their entire team. You made us look great!”

“In our business we must bring our product ideas to our customers on a regular schedule. We rely on the dependable service from partners like you to help us keep our delivery schedule.

Thank you for your contribution towards our success.”

"What a start up needs is Flexibility, especially on the tech front and am glad I have partners like Cleft-Solutions who understands this thoroughly and without compromising on the quality and timeline, keeps delivering to the business patiently time after time."
Ppeople are our greatest asset and it is they who ensure our success. We have a cosmopolitan mix of professionals who are bright and talented and get along famously with each other. As Colleagues they are constantly in discussion with each other, improvising processes, updating and educating one another. They are perfectly at ease because they can be themselves even at their workplace which is why they are so highly motivated.




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